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What to expect from Remity Dental IT Services

As Dental offices have become increasingly reliant on technology for patient data communication and digital radiography, they have become required to be able to setup and maintain an IT infrastructure. This infrastructure if not setup correctly and or securely can have unintended consequences of business IT downtime, data being lost or stolen, poor employee productivity, or violating HIPAA.

At Remity we have serviced hundreds of Dental Practices over the last 20 years, with 100’s and have acquired the experience needed to be an industry leader Dental specific IT services. We  provide the IT services required to keep your practice to running efficiently, securely, and smoothly,  all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Managed Dental IT Services

Managed IT services for your Dental Practice is our ultimate and all encompassing tech solution, allowing you to focus on your patients and Dental practice, while we focus on your IT. While we understand that each Dental practice has their own specific IT needs, we customize our solutions to you, all while ensuring your practice a seamless technology experience, allowing your business to function optimally. In addition Dental practices have the added responsibility of keeping in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulation. All our solutions are built with HIPAA in mind keeping your office in compliance.

Some of the many benefits or our managed services

Predictable pricing with reliable service and reduced downtime

Our managed services plans are fixed rate and easy to budget. No costly surprises just quality IT support from certified technicians with hassle free pricing. In addition our Managed services help in reducing system downtime as we monitor all your endpoints allowing us to proactively be aware , and remediate any issue before the have any serious impact

Learn more about our Dental IT Services

If you find yourself in need of or too busy to navigate the endless world of technology and want to be able to focus on your Practice. We have the solutions you need, and are looking forward to helping you on your journey to a great Dental practice. Please click below to find out about some of the other Dental Specific Services we have to offer.



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